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For those entering the workforce or with less than two years of experience.

  • Resume written by experts and formatted to pass ATS.
  • Cover letter to increase resume visibility by 40%.
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Resume + Cover letter

Designed for professionals with 2-10 years of experience and/or up to 5 roles.

  • Resume written by experts and formatted to pass ATS.
  • Cover letter to increase resume visibility by 40%.
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Resume + Cover letter


For seasoned experts with over 10 years of experience and/or more than 5 roles.

  • Resume written by experts and formatted to pass ATS.
  • Cover letter to increase resume visibility by 40%.
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Our talented team of writers have years of experience crafting resumes that are guaranteed to get results.

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We create successful mining resumes with a proven track record

Navigating the competitive landscape of the mining industry requires a resume that not only showcases your expertise but also resonates with the core values and demands of the sector. At Rexxy, we are well-versed in the challenges and opportunities unique to this field. We cater to a wide array of mining roles, including equipment operators, riggers, plant technicians, mechanical fitters, and other key positions that are critical to mining operations. Our expertise extends to understanding the precise language, certifications, and accomplishments that hiring managers in the mining industry prioritise. 
Our process begins with a deep dive into your professional journey, identifying key milestones, skills, and qualifications that set you apart. We know the importance of certifications like the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) certification, risk management credentials, and specialised training in equipment operation or geological software. These certifications are more than just accolades; they’re your ticket to standing out in a pool of candidates.
We don’t just list your experiences; we tailor your resume to reflect your proficiency in critical areas such as safety compliance, environmental stewardship, project management, and technical skills like exploration, extraction, and processing techniques. Our goal is to highlight your ability to contribute to productivity improvements, cost reduction, and safety enhancements, which are crucial in the mining sector.
By choosing our mining resume writing service, you’re not just getting a document; you’re equipping yourself with a strategic tool designed to make hiring managers take notice. You’re guaranteed a resume that speaks the language of the mining industry, positions you as an ideal candidate, and aligns with your career aspirations. Let us help you craft a resume that opens doors to new opportunities in the mining world, ensuring you don’t just search for your next job, but you secure it.
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Elevate Your Mining Career with a Tailored Resume

Creating a standout resume for the mining industry with Rezzy involves more than compiling your work history; it’s about strategically showcasing your expertise to align with your career ambitions. Here’s our detailed approach to crafting a mining resume that digs deeper:

Work Experience:

  • Provide detailed accounts of your roles, emphasizing significant contributions, leadership in safety practices, and project completions.
  • Highlight your direct involvement in successful mining operations, including exploration, extraction, and environmental rehabilitation.

Education & Training:

  • List your formal education related to mining, geology, or engineering, underlining the foundation of your technical knowledge.
  • Detail specialized training programs, workshops, or certifications, such as risk assessment, mine safety management, or heavy machinery operation.


  • Feature essential mining industry certifications, including Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) certification, First Aid, CPR, and any relevant machinery tickets (e.g., for loaders, trucks, or excavators).
  • Present any state-specific mining tickets or permits that authenticate your eligibility to work in particular mining operations or roles.


  • Technical skills: Showcase your proficiency in mining software, geological mapping, or equipment operation.
  • Soft skills: Highlight your strengths in team leadership, communication, and decision-making under pressure, vital for the dynamic environment of mining sites.

Custom Highlights:

  • Mention specific achievements such as optimizations that led to cost reduction, efficiency improvements in extraction processes, or innovative safety protocols you helped implement.
  • Include any technological proficiencies, like advanced mining software (e.g., Surpac or Vulcan) you are skilled in using, which are increasingly important in modern mining operations.
At Rezzy, we delve into your unique journey within the mining sector, creating a resume that not only highlights your technical abilities and safety qualifications but also showcases your commitment to the industry’s evolving demands. Our personalized service ensures your resume speaks directly to your strengths and career goals, positioning you as the top candidate.
Contact Rezzy today to start your ascent in the mining industry. Let us craft a resume that not only showcases your qualifications but connects you with the next great opportunity in your mining career.