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Job hunting is challenging, especially updating your resume. Our bricklayer resume writing service ensures your resume is current and stands out to employers.

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For those entering the workforce or with less than two years of experience.

  • Resume written by experts and formatted to pass ATS.
  • Cover letter to increase resume visibility by 40%.
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Resume + Cover letter

Designed for professionals with 2-10 years of experience and/or up to 5 roles.

  • Resume written by experts and formatted to pass ATS.
  • Cover letter to increase resume visibility by 40%.
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Resume + Cover letter


For seasoned experts with over 10 years of experience and/or more than 5 roles.

  • Resume written by experts and formatted to pass ATS.
  • Cover letter to increase resume visibility by 40%.
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We create successful bricklayer resumes

Navigating the job market as a professional bricklayer means presenting a resume that not only highlights your skills and experience but also speaks to the unique demands of the construction industry. At Rezzy, we specialise in crafting resumes that elevate your profile, showcasing your craftsmanship and expertise in bricklaying to potential employers.
Our team, with deep insights into the construction sector, understands the critical elements that make a bricklayer’s resume stand out. While formal qualifications might not always be mandatory, certifications such as a Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying (CPC30111) or equivalent recognised credentials significantly bolster your appeal. We emphasise these qualifications, along with any safety training courses (like White Card certification) you’ve completed, to demonstrate your commitment to industry standards and safety protocols.
Experience and mastery in various bricklaying techniques, from mixing mortar with precision to efficiently laying bricks and blocks for structural integrity, are key skills we highlight. If you’ve specialised in areas like decorative brickwork, restoration projects, or have experience with the latest construction technologies, we ensure these are front and center in your resume.
Understanding that bricklaying is a physically demanding role requiring excellent stamina, precision, and attention to detail, we also spotlight your physical fitness and ability to work in diverse conditions. Moreover, any leadership roles or collaborations on major construction projects are detailed to underline your teamwork and project management capabilities.
By partnering with Rezzy, you’re not just getting a resume; you’re securing a professional tool designed to reflect your craftsmanship and dedication to the bricklaying craft. Let us help you build a resume that lays a solid foundation for your career aspirations, paving the way to your next great opportunity in the construction industry.
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Elevate Your Bricklaying Career with a Master-Crafted Resume

Creating a standout resume for a bricklayer with Rezzy involves more than just summarising your job history; it’s about carefully showcasing your expertise and distinguishing you as the top choice for your ideal position. Here’s our approach to constructing a bricklayer resume with precision:

Work Experience:

  • We detail your previous roles, focusing on your achievements and the impact of your craftsmanship.
  • Your projects are highlighted to demonstrate your proficiency in various bricklaying techniques, such as constructing walls, chimneys, and decorative stonework.

Education & Training:

  • Any formal education related to construction or masonry is listed, showcasing the foundation of your skills.
  • We include specialised training programmes, apprenticeships, or workshops you’ve attended, emphasising your commitment to learning and mastering the trade.


  • Essential certifications, such as the NVQ Level 2/3 in Trowel Occupations (Bricklaying) or a CSCS card, are prominently featured.
  • Your resume will reflect any health and safety training, underlining your adherence to industry standards and practices.


  • Technical skills: Your expertise in reading and interpreting blueprints, mixing mortar to the correct consistency, and laying bricks with precision is detailed.
  • Soft skills: Problem-solving abilities, effective communication with site managers and colleagues, and time management skills are highlighted to show your versatility.

Custom Highlights:

  • Instances where you’ve contributed to efficiency improvements, demonstrated innovative solutions to construction challenges, or worked on heritage restoration projects.
  • Your familiarity with the latest techniques and materials in bricklaying, such as eco-friendly or sustainable building practices.
At Rezzy, we delve into the nuances of your bricklaying career, tailoring a resume that not only showcases your technical achievements but also aligns with the evolving demands of the construction industry. Our personalised approach ensures your resume directly communicates your strengths and ambitions, making you a standout candidate in the field of bricklaying.
Contact Rezzy today to build the foundation for your success in the construction industry. Let us craft a resume that lays down the bricks of your skills and experiences, connecting you with your future employer’s needs.
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